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Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan™

Citizens Bank

As the result of a partnership forged with Citizens Bank, we are pleased to offer a special benefit for Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) members.

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Citizens Bank has a proven track record of being an educated resource and successful industry advocate, ranking among the nation’s top five private student lenders.  With three decades of experience in the student loan industry, Citizens Bank is committed to offering products that are simple, clear, and personal while providing world-class service.
The Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan® lets MMS members and their families refinance or consolidate all of their private and federal student loans at a competitive rate and simplify repayment into one, new private student loan with one monthly payment.
Citizens will advise you up front whether it makes sense to consolidate, and if there will be a reduction to your principal balance at the time of your first payment. Paying back student loans is a challenge, and this program may be a smart solution for reducing your debt. The Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan® could help you consolidate one or more private or federal student loans into a single low-interest rate student loan with up to a $5002.00 reduction to your principal balance at the time of your first payment! That means less overall debt and a simpler way to manage your personal finances.
This is a special offer for you as a Massachusetts Medical Society member. Click here to learn more and apply!

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