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Employee Benefits

Just as you manage your practice to achieve a comfortable economical future, your employee benefit program should reward your employees through a program that could provide them with a comfortable retirement.

Voluntary Benefit Plans

Available to your employees at no cost to you, these group-rated, portable policies, with Guaranteed Issue limits and Underwriting concessions not available on the Individual market, include:

  • Whole Life: Permanent savings vehicle
  • Accident: Helps cover medical expenses as a result of an accident. Provides one-time, annual compensation for Wellness visits.
  • Critical Illness: Provides substantial income/life protection in the event of a serious illness
  • Group Legal: Affordable access to attorneys for commonly needed transactions such as wills, trusts, health care proxies, and real estate

Pension Plans

PIAM can help you develop effective employee benefit programs that include pensions, profit sharing, 401(k), and 403(b) plans. For more information, call 800-429-6513 or email us.

MMS Discounted Group Disability Program

  • 6% Exclusive MMS Member discount plus 5% MGMA member discount
  • Infectious & Contagious Disease Benefit Option included for MMS members
  • The highest level of LTD coverage, including generous benefit maximums up to $15,000 per month and liberal guaranteed issue amounts
  • Extended rate guarantees
  • Dedicated teams of advisors, underwriting, service and claims professionals who understand the unique needs of physician businesses

Key Highlights of the LTD Coverage:

  • Own-Specialty and Sub-Specialty definition of disability Benefits don’t terminate solely because you can practice in another field of medicine. 
  • Provides a greater possible benefit, regardless of salary level or return-to-work situation.
  • Elimination Period can be satisfied with “loss of duties” only, no loss of income required.
  • Option for protecting future contributions made to your pension plan.
  • Option for protecting lost income to your practice.

In addition to discounted Group Long Term Disability coverage, PIAM also offers discounted Group Life Insurance for your practice.

For more information, call 800-429-6513 or email us.

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