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August 2012 Bulletin: Women In Medicine

PIAM Women in Medicine Bulletin

Co-sponsored by the MMS Committee on Women In Medicine

Welcome to PIAM's Women in Medicine Bulletin. We are pleased to have as guest writer this issue, Suzanne Koven M.D. who writes the monthly column "In Practice" for the Boston Globe.

Healing From the Broken Places:
Turning a personal weakness into a professional strength

— Suzanne Koven, M.D.

A little over a year ago I received an e-mail from Dr. Julie Silver, Chief Editor of Books for Harvard Health Publications, with an intriguing proposition. HHP was partnering with the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series to produce books in which doctors would provide medical information about health issues, complemented with stories by Chicken Soup contributors. Julie asked if I might be interested in writing a book for women over 50 about weight loss and fitness to be titled: Say Hello To A Better Body.

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Four Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

— Patricia M. Annino, Attorney at Law

Estate planning is a tricky topic to discuss because it involves facing death. As physicians, you work hard, taking care of patients all day. Then, if you're a parent, you likely work just as hard when you get home. It's tough to carve out the time to focus on estate planning. As a result, many of you who have worked hard your entire lives to protect your family and your wealth, end up putting off the estate planning discussion until "one day." And despite the best of intentions, even those who do create an estate plan end up making some mistakes.

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Working Part-Time: A Self-Assesment Tool for Physicians

— American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) American Medical Association (AMA) Women Physicians Congress

You may be thinking about reducing your practice hours, job sharing or seeking another kind of part-time position. You are not alone; a growing number of physicians are working part-time or considering it. Certainly there are both rewards and challenges in working part-time. It allows more time for balancing family responsibilities, or for pursuing other professional interests. At the same time, some physicians report a downside, including the loss of benefits, reductions in administrative support, or a perceived drop in their professional status.

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