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PIAM Board of Directors

  • Paul Auffermann Esq
  • Thomas Bryant ARM, President
  • John Burns PhD
  • Michael Farrell
  • Kathleen Finnerty-Schroth CIC
  • William Frank Esq
  • James Gessner MD
  • George Ghareeb MD, Chair
  • Kenneth Hekman MD
  • Judd Kline MD
  • John King
  • Catherine Lanteri MD
  • Richard Mazzarella CIC
  • Najmosama Nikrui MD
  • Kristen Robson MD


  • Meghan Stanley

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June 2017: Professional Liability Update

PIAM Malpractice Bulletin

Welcome to the PIAM News Bulletin.

This bulletin looks at a wide range of issues that may impact your practice. We hope you find this information helpful and we look forward to your comments.

Are You Covered for “Moonlighting”?

— Kathleen Finnerty-Schroth, CIC

You never want to learn after the claim is made that you don’t have the proper insurance coverage, whether it involves your Auto, your Home, or your Health insurance. So too, it would come as unpleasant news that your professional liability insurance did not follow you to the part time work you were doing as a moonlighting physician. Physicians employed by large healthcare delivery systems are typically not covered for professional services provided outside of the hospital or employer’s network.

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NEJM Resident 360's Podcast on Resident Burnout

NEJM Resident 360 launched a podcast, and the second episode talks about the issue of Resident burnout. “The House” podcast reflects medicine’s most pressing issues through the eyes of Residents, providing a forum for physicians-in-training to share their stories from the bedside, and learning extending beyond the lessons of clinical medicine.

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PIAM Sponsors “Stop the Bleed” CME Program

PIAM recently provided funds for the purchase of tourniquets used in the “Bleeding Control for the Injured /Stop the Bleed” program presented at the Massachusetts Medical Society Annual Meeting. This 45-minute session for clinicians taught hemorrhage control in the field to increase victim survival. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, and it is important to act quickly in these situations. Though all attendees were physicians, not everyone was up to date with the current steps needed to stop the bleeding via tourniquet, and this valuable information can also be shared with others.

Tom Bryant

Pictured: instructor David King MD, Mass General Hospital Trauma Surgeon with Thomas Bryant, ARM. Not pictured: instructor Eric Goralnick, MD Brigham & Womens Emergency Med physician

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