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  • Svend Bruun MD
  • Rusty Van Houten MD
  • Judd Kline MD
  • Ammar Sarwar MD
  • Neil Nayan Shah MD
  • Richard Mazzarella
  • Paul Auffermann, Esq.
  • John Burns
  • Michael Farrell
  • Jack King, Immediate Past President
  • Kathleen Finnerty-Schroth, CIC, President


  • Barbara Lawrence

May 2015 Bulletin: Malpractice

PIAM Malpractice Bulletin

Welcome to the PIAM Malpractice Bulletin.

This bulletin will be looking at a wide range of issues that may impact your practice. We hope you find this information helpful and we look forward to your comments.

Are You Covered for “Moonlighting”?

— Kathleen Finnerty-Schroth, CIC

You never want to learn after the claim is made that you don’t have the proper insurance coverage, whether it involves your Auto, your Home, or your Health insurance. So too, it would come as unpleasant news that your professional liability insurance did not follow you to the part time work you were doing as a moonlighting physician. Physicians employed by large healthcare delivery systems are typically not covered for professional services provided outside of the hospital or employer’s network.

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Patient Communication: Closing the Loop

— Denise Condron, Director of Loss Prevention, CMIC

Patients remember and understand as little as 50% of what is explained to them by the provider. Patients with low levels of health literacy are especially likely to have difficulty understanding and remembering medical information. These types of patients may have difficulty reading labels on a prescription bottle, interpreting blood glucose values or understanding educational materials or preoperative instructions.

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Payment Recoupment Protection

Medical associations say private health plan recoupment is an increasing source of complaints from physicians. It is important that providers be aware of the availability of insurance protection that responds when a physician or practice faces an audit followed by a demand for return of previous reimbursement payments emanating from CMS or a private insurer.  The names identifying the insurance provisions vary ‑ Fraud & Abuse Coverage, Billing Errors and Omissions, Regulatory Affairs, Legal Defense and any number of other terms depending upon the source.

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