Message from Physicians Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Massachusetts Medical Society

Dr. Gessner
A Letter from the
President of the
Medical Society,
Henry L. Dorkin, MD
RE: Your Professional Liability Insurance
Dear Colleague:
For those of you looking for a resource for insurance protection of all types, whether it be malpractice insurance, health and dental, business insurance, or financial services, we are fortunate to have the Society’s wholly-owned insurance group, Physicians Insurance Agency of Massachusetts (PIAM) available to help. PIAM has been quietly serving New England physicians since January 1993 and has assisted many practices to reduce their insurance costs and improve their protection. With PIAM, you have access to a highly knowledgeable staff and specialized insurance programs.
I would encourage you to take advantage of the services PIAM can provide, and recommend that you contact them with any questions you may have about your professional liability coverage or insurance protection in general. The PIAM staff can review your policies to make sure you are insured correctly, reveal any gaps in coverage, and confirm, based on the scope of your practice that you are not overpaying for your coverage. For assistance, call 800.522.7426 or email PIAM directly at
If you have already made PIAM your insurance broker, thank you. For those others still thinking about making the switch, I encourage you to take advantage of what PIAM has to offer as they celebrate their 25th anniversary this year.
Thank you.
Henry L. Dorkin, MD
Massachusetts Medical Society
Email PIAM800.522.7426
Visit us online
PIAM is the insurance agency of the MMS and offers many of the insurance coverages you need as a physician. Call us at 800.522.7426 for more information or a quote.
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